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     Japanese Scholars of China: A Bibliographical Handbook / 日本の中国学専門家ハンドブック (Lewiston, N.Y.: The Edwin Mellen Press, 1992). xlii,474 pp.

A summary of the book-project and sample entry from the work (which leads to bibliographic information about some 1,500 Japanese China scholars) are found on pp. 92-94 and 109-112 of John Timothy Wixted, “One Westerner’s Research on Chinese and Japanese Languages and Literatures,” Asian Research Trends (The Toyo Bunko), New Series 4 (2009), pp. 77-113. The full text of the article can be found on the General webpage.

A summary of (and sample entry from) Japanese Scholars of China

Reviews of the book:

List of reviews of Japanese Scholars of China

Additionally, reference to the work is made on pp. 8-9 of “Kanbun, Histories of Japanese Literature, and Japanologists,” found on the Classical Japanese webpage.

Book translation:

     Yoshikawa Kōjirō 吉川幸次郎Five Hundred Years of Chinese Poetry, 1150-1650: The Chin, Yuan, and Ming Dynasties, John Timothy Wixted, tr. (Princeton: Princeton Univer­sity Press, 1989; pb. ed., 1992). xix,215 pp.

Translated from the Japanese (original title: Gen-Min shi gaisetsu 元明詩概説 [Tokyo: Iwa­nami Shoten, 1963]), with English renderings of the approximately 150 complete (and several partial) poems in classical Chinese cited in the work. (A Choice Outstanding Academic Title of 1991.)

     For material from the book (table of contents, index, and introductory chapter), Chinese texts, and a list of reviews, see the Post-Song Poetry webpage.

     For reference to the work’s treatment of Chinese influences on Japanese literature, see the entry on the Classical Japanese webpage. 

     Additional reference to the book is made on pp.30-31 of “Kanbun, Histories of Japanese Literature, and Japanologists,” also found on the Classical Japanese webpage.

Translation assistance:

     Saitō Mareshi 齋藤希史,Kanbunmyaku” [漢文脈]: The Literary Sinitic Context and the Birth of Modern Japanese Language and Literature (Leiden: Brill, 2021), Ross King and Christina Laffin, eds.  As noted in the “Acknowledgments” (pg. xxiii), “Timothy Wixted, Professor Emeritus from Arizona State University, whose publications on kanshi and kanbun had already provided much inspiration for the project, provided a wealth of detailed feedback, corrections, edits, and expertise (far beyond the call of duty), much of which has saved the editors and translators from certain embarrassment and ignominy…. The final version of the translation is hugely indebted to [him].”



      “Some Sidelights on Japanese Sinologists of the Early Twentieth Century,” Sino-Japanese Studies 11.1 (Oct. 1998), pp. 68-74. On Shiratori Kurakichi 白鳥倉吉, Naitō Konan 内藤湖南, Hattori Unokichi 服部宇之吉, Kano Naoki 狩野直喜, Kuwabara Jitsuzō 桑原隲蔵, and Ikeuchi Hiroshi 池内宏.

Some Sidelights on Japanese Sinologists of the Early Twentieth Century

Research aid:

       The author's A Handbook to Classical Japanese is useful for sinologists in understanding kundoku 訓読 parsings (into classical Japanese) of Chinese texts, inasmuch as it explains the grammatical forms that are generally employed. For bibliographic information, see the Classical Japanese webpage.


      Satō Tamotsu 佐藤保, “Japanese Studies on Chinese Literature: 1973-1983” (Tokyo: Toyo Bunko, 1987). 17-pg. booklet. i,i,15 pp.

Japanese Studies on Chinese Literature: 1973-1983

Translation of the text used for the awards ceremony of a Japan Academy Prize:

      Anon., “Professor Kōzen Hiroshi 興膳宏: A Synopsis of His Research on Chinese Literary Theory,” The Japan Academy 日本学士院, 2016. Translation of (pp. 18-19 of) the following, used to accompany the award ceremony:

Japan Academy Prize, Prof. Kōzen Hiroshi 興膳宏   

Translation of the text used for the awards ceremony of a Japan Academy Prize:

      Anon., “Imperial Prizes and Japan Academy Prize to: Tetsumi Murakami [村上哲見], Professor Emeritus, Tohoku University, for ‘Studies on Ci in Song Period [宋詞研究],’” pp. 2-3, in the 20-pp. booklet, The Ninety-Ninth Annual Award of Prizes of the Japan Academy, June 1, 2009: The Recipients of the Prizes and the Outlines of Their Works (Tokyo: The Japan Academy, 2009).

Japan Academy Prize, Prof. Murakami Tetsumi 村上哲見

Short (de factoreview :

      Stefan Tanaka, Japan's Orient: Rendering Pasts into History (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1993), in the Article cited above with a link, “Some Sidelights on Japanese Sinologists of the Early Twentieth Century,” p. 74, incl. n.10. In reference to Shiratori Kurakichi 白鳥倉吉 and other Japanese China scholars.

Translated summaries of articles by a leading Japanese scholar of Chinese drama (titles and pg. nos. refer to the English-lan­guage titles and summaries; the latter are to be read in reverse page-order):

Tanaka Issei 田仲一成, “Stories of Vengeance in China: Revenge Plays in Chinese and Japanese Drama Compared,”  in Transactions of the Japan Academy 日本学士院紀要 75.3 (2021), pp. 139-141.

Tanaka Issei 田仲一成“The Relationship between Man and Gods, as Viewed in Terms of Village Religious-Ceremony Organizations: China and Japan Compared,” Transactions of the Japan Academy 日本学士院紀要 72.3 

Tanaka Issei 田仲一成“Chinese Rural Religious Festivals to ‘Expel Natural Disaster and Restore Cosmic Equilibrium’: Social Organization, Religious Ritual, and Drama Performance,” Transactions of the Japan Academy 日本学士院紀要 69.2 (2015), pp. 77-80.

Tanaka Issei 田仲一成, “From Narrative Verse to Drama in China: Ceremonial Rites for the Souls of Departed Heroes and Tragedies about Heroes,” Transactions of the Japan Academy 日本学士院紀要 66.1 (Sept. 2011), pp. 26-29.

Tanaka Issei 田仲一成, “Filial Piety and Female Chastity in Chinese Village Drama: An Ideal Deformed,” Transactions of the Japan Academy 日本学士院紀要 63.2 (Jan. 2009), pp. 117-122.

Tanaka Issei 田仲一成, “Chinese Spirit-Exorcising Plays,” Transactions of the Japan Academy 日本学士院紀要 61.1 (Sept. 2006), pp. 26-31.

Tanaka Issei 田仲一成, “Features Unique to Classical Chinese Drama as Compared with Japanese Kabuki,” Transactions of the Japan Academy 日本学士院紀要 56.3 (March 2002), pp. 208-211.

Translated summaries of journal articles:

English-language summaries of Japanese-language articles in Chūgoku bungaku hō ­中国文学報 (The Journal of Chinese Literature) 23 (Oct. 1972), pp. i-v.

Chūgoku bungaku hō Summaries

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