John Timothy Wixted

Chinese and Japanese Languages and Literatures

John Timothy Wixted

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1. John Timothy Wixted
aka: Tim Wixted, J.T. Wixted, J. Timothy Wixted, John T. Wixted
魏世德 , ジョン・ティモシー・ウィックステード
Retired in Harbert, Michigan

D.Phil., Oxford University, 1977; M.A., Stanford University, 1966; B.A. (Hons.) University of Toronto, 1965

Simultaneously now: (1) Emeritus Professor of Asian Languages: Chinese and Japanese Languages and Literatures, Arizona State Uni­ver­sity, 2004-. (2) Associate, Center for East Asian Studies, University of Chicago, 2004-. (3) Associate, Center for Chinese Studies, University of Michigan, 2005-. (4) Affiliate, Center for Japanese Studies, University of Michigan, 2013-. (5) Visiting Scholar, University of Notre Dame, 2012-. Prior appointments: Professor (Assistant to Full), Arizona State University, 1978-2003. Visiting Research Scholar, Univer­sity of Tokyo, 1999-2000. Exchange Professor, Hiro­shima Shudo University, 1991. Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Michigan, 1977-78. Temporary Lecturer, Oxford University, 1970. Additionally: President, American Oriental Society, Western Branch, 1983-85. Acting Director, Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 1988.

Five Books:
(1) Poems on Poetry: Literary Criticism by Yuan Hao-wen (1190-1257) [元好問的文學批評] (1982; rev ed. Melbourne and Basel: Quirin Press, 2019). xxxi, 410,1 pp
(2) A Handbook to Classical Japanese / 文語ハンドブック (Ithaca, N.Y.: Cornell East Asia Series, 2006), xiv,359,1 pp.
(3) Japanese Scholars of China: A Bibliographical Handbook / 日本の中国学専門家ハンドブック (Lewiston, N.Y.: The Edwin Mellen Press, 1992), xlii,474 pp.
(4) Translation of Yoshikawa Kōjirō 吉川幸次郎, Five Hundred Years of Chinese Poetry, 1150-1650: The Chin, Yuan, and Ming Dynasties [Original title, 元明詩概説] (Prince­ton: Princeton University Press, 1989), xix,215 pp.
(5) The Song-Poetry of Wei Chuang (836-910 A.D.) [韋莊之詞] (Tempe: Center for Asian Studies, Arizona State University, 1979; rpt. 1991), Calligraphy by Eugenia Y. Tu, iii,144 pp.
Articles in Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies, Japonica Humboldtiana, Bulletin of Sung-Yüan Studies, Renditions, Tamkang Review, Contrastes (Paris/Nice), Tokonoma (Buenos Aires), Stone Lion (Harvard University), and others.
Article-length translations from Japanese and Chinese.
Edited Books: editor of 8 volumes (and co-editor of 2): Monograph Series, Center for Asian Studies, Arizona State University.

Traditional Chinese poetry and poetics, Japanese language and literature, Sino-Japanese cultural relations, comparative literature, East Asian bibliography.

Five year-long research awards: National Endow­ment for the Humanities, 2000-01; Japan Foundation, 1999-2000; Academia Sinica (Taiwan), Language and Research Fellowship, 1984-85; National Endow­ment for the Humanities, 1982-83; National Endow­ment for the Humanities, 1981-82. Other awards: 1 semester-long grant, 4 summer grants, 15 travel awards, 8 miscellaneous grants.

Chinese (classical & modern), Japanese (classical & modern), German, French, Spanish, and Latin.

2. Wixted full (11-pp.) C.V.

John Timothy Wixted