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John Timothy Wixted

Yuan Haowen 元好問 (1190-1257)

and the Jin Dynasty 金代 (1115-1234)

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      Poems on Poetry: Literary Criticism by Yuan Haowen (1190-1257) (1982; rev. ed. Melbourne and Basel: Quirin Press, 2019). xxxi,410,1 pp.

The book includes treatment of four series of poems on poetry by Yuan Haowen: “Thirty Poems on Poetry” 論詩三十首“Five Postface-Poems Written for the Zhongzhouji (Anthology of the Central Land)” 自題中州集後五首“Three Poems on Poetry” 論詩三首, and “On Feeling Prompted to Write: Four Poems” 感興四首.

Publisher's webpage:

The book’s table of contents, a table of subjects and themes treated in “Thirty Poems on Poetry,” and the preface to the revised edition: 

Poems on Poetry Contents

Treatment of a sample poem from the volume: Poem 18 (from “Thirty Poems on Poetry”) on Meng Jiao and Han Yu:

 Poems on Poetry, Poem 18

See Finding lists below, for a listing of Yuan Haowen prose and poetic pieces cited in the work. 

For translations of poems on poetry by Du Fu and Dai Fugu that are included in the book, see the Tang-Song Literary Criticism webpage.

Reviews of the book:

List of reviews of the 1982 edition

Translated book-chapter:

      Chapter on Jin Dynasty 金代  poetry by Yoshikawa Kōjirō 吉川幸次郎, “Chin Dynasty Poetry: Reaction to the Mongol Incursion, 1150-1250,” in idemFive Hundred Years of Chinese Poetry, 1150-1650: The Chin, Yuan, and Ming Dynasties, John Timothy Wixted, tr. (Princeton: Princeton Univer­sity Press, 1989), pp. 15-43 (includes a section on Yuan Haowen, pp. 28-42). For more information on the book, see the Post-Song Poetry webpage. 

Available online via EBSCOhost Academic eBook Collection

Finding lists:

      Three finding lists are combined. First, there is “A Finding List for Chinese, Japa­nese, and Western-Language Annotation to and Translation of Poetry by Yüan Hao-wen,” Bulletin of Sung-Yüan Studies 17 (1981), pp. 140-185, which provides a poem-by-poem listing of Yuan Haowen’s corpus of 1,366 shi  poems. This is supplemented by finding lists for Yuan Haowen poems that (A) appear in the Translated book-chapter and (B) are translated or referred to in the Poems on Poetry Book, both cited above.

Finding lists for Yuan Haowen poetry

Research summary:

      A narrative of the author’s research interest in Yuan Haowen, as found on pp. 86-89, 85-86, and 106-108 of John Timothy Wixted, “One Westerner’s Research on Chinese and Japanese Languages and Literatures,” Asian Research Trends (The Toyo Bunko), New Series 4 (2009), pp. 77-113. The full text can be found on the General webpage.

Summary of Wixted research interest in Yuan Haowen

Reference-book entry:

      “Yüan Hao-wen,” in The Indiana Companion to Traditional Chinese Literature, William H. Nienhauser, Jr., ed. and comp. (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1986), pp. 953-955. 

Entry on Yuan Haowen


      “Some Chin Dynasty (金代) Issues in Literary Criticism,” Tamkang Review 21.1 (Autumn 1990), pp. 63-73.

Jin dynasty 金代 literary criticism


      “‘Sincerity’ in Chinese Literary Theory,” Contrastes: Revue de linguistique contrastive (Paris/ Nice) 18-19 (Dec. 1989), pp. 81-87, deals in part with Yuan Haowen, as it focuses on the term cheng 誠   (‘sincerity’). The article is found on the Chinese Literary Criticism – Gen'l. webpage.

Article (in Chinese):

      魏世德 (J.T. Wixted), 最近西方学术界关于金代之研究   (Recent Western Scholarship on the Jin Dynasty), 余创豪 (Alex Chong Ho Yu), tr., in 元好问及辽金文学研究 (Studies on Yuan Haowen and the Literature of the Liao and Jin Dynasties), Dong Jieying 董杰英 et al., eds. (Beijing: Zhongguo Guoji Guangbo Chubanshe, 1998), pp. 195-211.

Recent Western Scholarship on the Jin Dynasty (in Chinese)

Research resource:

      Note "Index H" to Japanese Scholars of China: A Bibliographic Handbook (for full citation, see the Japanese Sinology webpage), which  lists scholars by field of study (about whom more bibliographic information is supplied in the body of the handbook). Those active in the study of Liao-, Jin-, and Yuan-dynasty history and literature are listed on pp. 419, 444, and 452.

Translation of poem:

      Yüan Hao-wen, “The Moon-Abiding Pavilion,” John Timothy Wixted, tr., in Words in Motion: Modern Japanese Calligraphy, An Exhibi­tion by the Library of Congress and The Yomiuri Shimbun (Library of Congress, 15 June 1984 - 15 September 1984), p. 80.

Yuan Haowen poem: “Moon-Abiding Pavilion”

John Timothy Wixted