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Tang- and Song-Dynasty Literary Criticism 


And two reviews of books on a Song-dynasty author

Note the following three webpages also dedicated to Chinese literary criticism:

Chinese Literary Criticism – Gen’l. 中國文學批評

Zhong Rong 鍾嶸 (469-518) and Yuan Haowen 元好問 (1190-1257)



      “Two Series of Poems on Poetry: Du Fu and Dai Fugu,” Appendix C, Poems on Poetry: Literary Criticism by Yuan Hao-wen (1190-1257) (1982; rev. ed. Melbourne and Basel: Quirin Press, 2019), pp. 240-245, 385-386. Includes translations of “Six Quatrains Written in Jest” 戲爲六絕 by Du Fu 杜甫 (712-770) and “Ten Poems on Poetry” by Dai Fugu 戴復古 (b. 1167). Both revised from earlier publications.

Poems on Poetry by Du Fu and Dai Fugu


      Li Qingzhao, “On the Song Lyric (Lunci),” in Women Writers of Traditional China: An Anthology of Poetry and Criticism, Kang-i Sun Chang and Haun Saussy, eds. (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1999), pp. 672-675. 李清照, b. 1084; 論詞. For more material on the author and on the genre, see the Ci  Poetry webpage. 

Li Qingzhao, "On the Song Lyric"


      “‘Sincerity’ in Chinese Literary Theory,” Constrastes: Revue de linguistique contrastive (Paris/Nice) 18-19 (Dec. 1989), pp. 81-87. On the term cheng (makoto in Japanese); includes treatment of its forumation in the Zhongyong 中庸.

"Sincerity"  in Chinese Literary Theory


      “Sung-Dynasty and Western Poems on Poetry,” Renditions 21-22 (Spring & Autumn 1984), pp. 351-359.

Song-Dynasty and Western Poems on Poetry

Research resource:

      Note "Index H" to Japanese Scholars of China: A Bibliographic Handbook (for full citation, see the Japanese Sinology webpage), which  lists scholars by field of study (about whom more bibliographic information is supplied in the body of the handbook). Those active in the study of Tang- and Song-dynasty history and literature are listed on pp. 417-419, 443-444, 446, and 451-452 (as well as Chinese literary theory and poetics, p. 448).


       Burton Watson, The Old Man Who Does As He Pleases (New York: Columbia University Press, 1973), in Journal of the American Oriental Society 96.2 (Apr.-June 1976), pp. 340-44; includes a useful finding list. On Lu You , 1125-1209.

Review of Burton Watson book on Lu You


      Michael S. Duke, Lu You (Boston: G.K. Hall & Co., 1977), in Journal of Asian Studies 40.4 (Aug. 1981), pp. 758-760.

Review of Michael Duke book on Lu You

John Timothy Wixted