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       “Guo Moruo, ‘Marx Enters the Confucian Temple,’” Matthew Finkbeiner and John Timothy Wixted, tr., Renditions 51 (Spring 1999), pp. 77-86.  郭沫若, 馬克斯進文廟.

Guo Moruo, "Marx Enters the Confucian Temple" translation

Book review:

       Arthur P. Wolf and Chien-shan Huang, Marriage and Adoption in China, 1845-1945 (Stanford: Stanford Univer­sity Press, 1980), in Asian Forum 10.3 (Spring 1981), pp. 99-101.

Translated summaries of articles:

       For material dealing in part with modern China, see the Japanese Sinology webpage, where summaries of articles by Tanaka Issei 田仲一成, a leading scholar of Chinese drama, are listed, as is the summary by Satō Tamotsu 佐藤保   of a decade's Japanese research on Chinese literature. 

Research resource:

       Note "Index H" to Japanese Scholars of China: A Bibliographic Handbook (for full citation, see the Japanese Sinology webpage), which  lists scholars by field of study (about whom more bibliographic information is supplied in the body of the handbook). Those active in the study of modern Chinese history and literature are listed on pp. 421-424 and 453-455.

John Timothy Wixted