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Ci  (Song-Poetry) Genre of Chinese Poetry



      The Song-Poetry of Wei Chuang (836-910 A.D.) (Tempe: Center for Asian Studies, Arizona State Universi­ty, 1979; 2nd printing, 1991). Calligraphy by Eugenia Y. Tu (杜颺珍 Du Yangzhen). iii,144 pp. 韋莊.

Selected pages from the book: title-page info., table of contents, 2 song-poem translations (of the 48 in the volume, the extant ci 詞 by the author), and pages from the poem-notes, finding list to other translations, and bibliiography.

 Selected pages from The Song-Poetry of Wei Chuang

Reviews of the book:

 List of reviews of the Wei Zhuang book


      “The Poetry of Li Ch’ing-chao: A Woman Author and Women’s Authorship,” in Voices of the Song Lyric in China, Pauline Yu, ed. (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1994), pp. 145-168. 李清照 (b. 1084)

 Article on Li Qing­zhao, A Woman Author and Women’s Authorship

“Bibliography,” “Personal Names,” “Terms and Phrases,” and “Additional Titles”—alphabetized, and with Chinese characters—for the preceding article. 

Chinese characters and bibliography for the article on Li Qing­zhao


      Li Qingzhao, “On the Song Lyric (Lunci),” in Women Writers of Traditional China: An Anthology of Poetry and Criticism, Kang-i Sun Chang and Haun Saussy, eds. (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1999), pp. 672-675. 論詞.

Li Qingzhao, "On the Song Lyric" 

Book review:

      Lois Fusek, Among the Flowers: The ‘Hua-chien chi’ (New York: Columbia University Press, 1982), in Journal of Asian Studies 44.1 (Nov. 1984), pp. 163-165. 花間集 (pref. dated 940).

Review of Lois Fusek, Huajianji translation 


      Anon., “Imperial Prizes and Japan Academy Prize to: Tetsumi Murakami [村上哲見], Professor Emeritus, Tohoku University, for ‘Studies on Ci in Song Period [宋詞研究],’” pp. 2-3, in the 20-pp. booklet, The Ninety-Ninth Annual Award of Prizes of the Japan Academy, June 1, 2009: The Recipients of the Prizes and the Outlines of Their Works (Tokyo: The Japan Academy, 2009). 

 Japan Academy Prize, Prof. Murakami Tetsumi´村上哲見

Research summary:

      A narrative of the author’s research interest in ci 詞 song-poetry, as found on pp. 89-91 of “One Westerner’s Research on Chinese and Japanese Languages and Literatures,” Asian Research Trends (The Toyo Bunko), New Series 4 (2009), pp. 77-113. The full text can be found on the General webpage.

Summary of research interest in ci 詞 song-poetry  

Research resource:

      Note "Index H" to Japanese Scholars of China: A Bibliographic Handbook (for full citation, see the Japanese Sinology webpage), which  lists scholars by field of study (about whom more bibliographic information is supplied in the body of the handbook). Those active in the study of ci 詞 are listed on p. 452.

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